Our Alma Mater ANNAMALAI UNIVERSITY was founded by the munificence of one of the greatest philanthropists of our times, late Dr. Rajah Sir Annamalai Chettiar in the year 1930, fostered by his illustrious and noble son, Late Dr. Rajah Sir Muthiah Chettiar, the tradition being continued by his grand son Dr.M.A.M.Ramaswamy.

The Faculty of Engineering and Technology was started in the year 1945 and true to the motto Of our University, “with courage and faith” , the Engineers and Technologists from our University have spread around the globe to learn further for professional advancement and in search of fortunes. Today, we can say with pride that these men are doing fine in their professions of Business , Industrial Management, Engineering and Technology.


Way back in 1956, under the leadership of Late Mr. P.N.Arunachalam 56-T, an Association was started in the industrial town of Sindri (Bihar). For various reasons, such as Paucity of patronage by members due to preoccupations and impracticality of getting together Alumni of different professions, it did not come upto expectations. At the same time, in Madras, Engg. & Technology graduates of 1956 batch started an Alumni Association under the leadership of Mr.CH. Veera Reddy 56-C. This also could not take off for the same reasons.

However , the burning desire to have our Association continued to persist. In the beginning of 1970, Late Mr. CH.VeeraReddy, Late Mr.P.N.Arunachalam, Mr.E.Vedagiri, Late Mr.T.Sambasivam and a few other Alumni of 1956 batch revived the idea of forming this Association at Madras where there were more than 500 of our Engineering and Technology Alumni employed in different professions at that time.

Dr.S.Sathikh 59-M, catalysed their thoughts and set the ball rolling in 1975. An adhoc committee consisting of the following 14 Alumni was formed:

point     Dr.S.Sathikh 59-M - Convenor

point     Mr.P.N.Srinivasan 55-T

point     Mr.CH.Veera Reddy 56-C

point     Mr.P.N.Arunachalam 56-T

point     Mr.E.Vedagiri 56-C

point     Maj.J.Victor 56-M

point     Mr.S.Deenadayalan 56-E

point     Mr.T.Sambasivam 56-E

point     Mr.A.C.Kamaraj 56-M

point     Mr.K.Ranganathan 57-T

point     Mr.K.R.Natarajan 57-T

point     Mr.S.Thangamuthu 61-E

point     Mr.M.Rabindranath 63-T

point     Mr.M.M.Ashroff 67-M

Meetings of the adhoc committee were held at the residences of Mr.CH.Veera Reddy and Mr. P.N.Arunachalam to set up the objectives, modus operandi of membership drive, plans for the first General Body meeting and for the Inauguration of the Association.

The objectives of AUETAA were set up as:

  • point     To promote fellowship among Annamalai University Engg – Tech graduates.
  • point     To render mutual assistance among Alumni in Professional Development.
  • point     To provide employment and higher educational opportunity to fresh graduates.
  • point     To keep in touch with the University and give necessary feed back for developing new curriculum , improving quality of education etc.
  • point     To present in various University bodies for the benefit of the University’s development.
  • point     To promote entrepreneurship among Alumni.
  • point     To install a medal for outstanding all round proficiency among each year’s graduates of Annamalai University Eng – Tech.
  • point     To have a building of our own to accommodate our Office , Guest House and Library.

The byelaws of AUETAA were drafted for putting up to the General Body.

On 2nd October 1975 our first General Body Meeting was convened at Hotel Woodlands and voted the byelaws of our Association and elected the members of the Executive Committee which in turn elected the Office Bearers. Thus AUETAA – Annamalai University Engineering and Technology Alumni Association was born.

The Executive Committee unanimously elected all the Office Bearers. In electing Mr.CH.Veera Reddy 56-C as the First President, AUETAA was fortunate to have a leader of sagacity. His contributions for the formation of AUETAA have been immense which cannot be measured. He was magnanimous to spare a room for us in his office and to put his staff at the disposal of AUETAA.

The Executive Committee also unanimously elected Dr.S.Sathikh 59-M as the First Secretary whose devotion and dedication to AUETAA was and continues to be simply total. His ambitions to strengthen AUETAA by continuous efforts on membership drive laid a strong foundation for our Association.

AUETAA was registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI of 1860 vide Registration Number S.No.186 of 1975 on 4th December 1975 and our First Team for the period 1975-1977 was as under:

President: Mr.CH.Veera Reddy 56-C, Executive Vice- President: Mr.P.N.Arunachalam 56-T, Vice-President: Prof.G.A.Krishna Pai 50-C , Secretary: Dr.S.Sathikh 59-M, Joint Secretaries: Mr.P.N.Srinivasan 55-T. & Mr.M.Rabindranath 63-T, Treasurer: Mr.E.Vedagiri 56-C.

Executive Committee Members: Mr.D.Felix Arokiaraj 52-C, Mr.A.V.Krishnan 53-M, Mr.S.Deenadayalan 56-E, Mr.P.L.Jambulingam 56-M, Mr.A.C.Kamaraj 56-M, Mr.T.Sambasivam 56-E, Maj.J.Victor 56-M, MR.T.C.Pitchappan 57-T, Mr.T.S.R.Pandurangan 64-M and Mr. M.M. Ashroff 67-M.

On that day our membership was 12 Life Members and 188 Annual Members.

Dr.Rajah Sir M.A.Muthiah Chettiar was approached and requested to be the Patron of AUETAA which he very kindly and readily consented and was appreciative of the aims of AUETAA. We owe our indebtedness to Late. Mr. M.P.Damodaran Syndicate Member A.U. and the then Minister for Local Administration and our Alumnus Mr.S.Ramachandran 59-E who lent splendid support during the formation of our Association