Today Oil defines the world. It can make a country rich or poor, it can bring war or peace, it can bring corruption or growth. Every asepct of our life today is defined and governed by oil. The demand for energy is growing at alarming levels and despite all the talks of alternate sources of energy, OIL and fossil fules contribute more than 87% of world's energy supply (and by year 2035, it will be 82%) and more over oil cannot be replaced by any of the other sources of energy because of its ability to give us fuel for speed/transport and it being a raw material for more than 140,000 products in the world (from nail polish to plastic bucket to car body to high density polythene). Oil is here to stay and its dominance will control the world economy for the next 5-6 decades says J. Muthukumar of our 1984 batch of Chemical Engineering. Muthukumar is a Professional in the oil and gas industry and has had a very successful career since 1985 and is going stronger by the day. He is the Founder of Ajapa Integrated Project Management Consultants Private Limited in 2006, the FIRST Indian oil and gas integrated project management consultancy for well construction (drilling, testing and completion of oil and gas wells) which was dominated until then only by Multi-Nationals. Ajapa grew against stiff competition from international companies and today it is a well known and highly popular company in the oil and gas circle of the Indian, Middle East and African markets. He is also the Founder and Managing Director of Supreme Oil and Gas Consultancy FZC, UAE and www.Petrosity.com, a FIRST of its kind web based oil and gas portal scheduled to be online in Q1, 2014 (pilot tests are running currently), One of the Founders and Director of an indigenous patented (by his own inventions - patent pending from USA) innovative highly technical oil and gas drilling tools manufacturing plant in India and developer of world's FIRST Well Integrity

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