Achievements and success become routine if dreams are backed by an intense desire to reach them said Late Shri U.R. Chinnusamy, the founder Chairman (1931 -2009) of the URC group of companies. He is the father of Mr URC. Devarajan of 1984 (Civil and Structural Engineering) who is presently the Managing Director of URC Construction (P) Ltd, the flagship company of the URC group of companies and one of the largest infrastructure companies in South India. Their head office is in Erode. The secret behind the success of great people according to Swami Vivekananda is "To take up one idea. Make that one idea your life -- think of it, dream of it, and live on that idea. Let the brain, muscles, nerves, every part of your body, be full of that idea, and just leave other ideas alone." URC has taken up the idea of building infrastructure way back in 1956 that is about 6 decades back and have been pioneers in the infrastructure industry. Today the company has progressed to making a turnover of more than Rs 500 Crores with more than 10,000 people directly/indirectly working in different sites under their wings to make it possible.

Late Shri U.R. Chinnusamy, a self educated man from an agricultural family and an ardent Gandhian started as a small civil contractor in 1956 after gaining experience under the supervision of his elder brother for 8 years since 1948, started his own company called URC Construction. As an early entrant when on his own he undertook construction of dams, reservoirs, irrigation systems, water storage tanks and supervising the execution. His initial works include constructing part of Malampuzha dam near Palakkad, part of construction of Porthimund dam, Kundah dam, Upper Aliyar dam which were all around Ooty. Challenging site conditions, harsh climatic conditions and demanding dam wall constructions within time frames were all the impediments faced by URC and this acted as stepping stones on which the company's initial works got started and foundations set to become a big player in the infrastructure business. By this time in 1958 URC was confident that the building industry had a great future. Right man at the right place at the right time doing the right things and doing the right things right.... inevitably ends in success. In 1960 through HUDCO Ltd URC got to construct hundreds of row houses at Selvapuram in Coimbatore and this was followed by construction of a large centre for rehabilitating beggars in Namakkal. More projects were given to URC since they were able to implement quality constructions and were also able to enforce timely completion; the list of clientele grew by the year. Housing Construction in Salem, Namakkal, Tirupur and Erode took place and about 800 houses were constructed by them. In 1972 URC got a large contract from a sugar factory in Tirupattur and on completion of that project got to do sugar factories in Perambalur and in Madurai. In 1975 they constructed Government Institution buildings, Arts and Science colleges, Transport Corporations. The experiences got by constructing dams, reservoirs, irrigation channels, sugar factories, large building projects got them the necessary expertise and also enabled to run their organization holding on to Values, Principles and ethics with Self confidence, fearlessness, integrity, diligence and sense of purpose took the company to great heights.

As you sow, so you reap is a proverb which means that the actions performed by a person would repay sooner or later. What goes around comes around. Healthy seeds will produce healthy plants and a healthy crop. If a person is sowing seeds of Growth, fairness in sharing, holding on to Values, happiness in doing what one is doing, being an altruistic person, feet on ground but looking up to doing great things then that is what he would get in return. The timing was perfect as it always is and in 1984 URC's company inducted the services of his sons Mr URC. Kanagasabapathy and Mr URC. Devarajan and son in law Mr S. Palanisamy who took URC Construction (P) Ltd to what it is today. Like father, like son, like mother like daughter. Sons tend to do what the father did before them and daughters tend to do what the mother did before.. This success story about Mr Devarajan is more than just money/turnover the number of projects executed, list of clientele but more about integration of the family as one indivisible unit. That I think is being successful as a family. The relationships they all have maintained within the family and with themselves were the key in establishing very good relationship with others all around, be it their clients or employees. The world sees you on the same image as you see yourself. Good temperance, fair mindedness, tolerance, truthfulness, honesty, respect, humility, politeness, kindness, generosity and compassion, being ethical were all the ingredients of foundation and Growth to URC over 57 years since the company got started. To inherit something is a blessing, taking forward the legacy without compromising is commitment and growing it multifold is Success.. (these words were told by Mr Meera Reddy 84 Civil (MD of SKCL, a large Property development company in Chennai) about his class-mate Devarajan. A turnover of Rs 1 Crore in 1984 to more than Rs 500 crores today without compromising on values, hats off to Mr Devarajan and his family. The company has hundreds of people who have been working with them for many years they all respect Mr Devarajan since Mr Devarajan respects all of them and when respect and Trust are established the wish of Devarajan becomes the command for people working in their company!! You will get whatever you want in life if you would help many people get what they want in their lives and Devarajan applies the law of the Secret - the eternal law of attraction.

Years before, Devarajan the second son of URC did his LKG and UKG from a Christian Mission school at Mettupalayam. 1'st to 5'th at a village school in Kudumiyampalayam about 20 kms from Erode and 6'th to 11'th at Ramakrishna Vidyalaya near Coimbatore. Devarajan was a bright student and was always stood among the top 2 in the class, his favorite subjects being Maths, Science and English. In addition to that he was exposed to Engineering drawing and Smithy. After passing out of School in 1977 Devarajan joined Polytechnic (PSG Coimbatore) course for 1 year. On completion in 1978 with 87% he was not able to take a decision with respect to the education he should pursue and the family decided that Devarajan would take a break and look after farming in their village which was 20 km from Erode. Devarajan would take a bus to his village every day and look after the farm, milk cows and buffaloes, manage the people, manage money, on coming home play with his sister and during weekends learn cooking from his mother who was an expert cook. He also learnt to make baskets, make fresh flower garlands. Time flew as it always does when someone is happy and 1 year later in 1979 Devarajan joined Engineering at Annamalai University. He stayed at # 4 New Block in the first year and his room mates were Bosco, Abdul Gafoor and Sumit Chaudhary with whom he maintains contact even today. Away from home where there was so much discipline Devarajan with so much freedom indulged in sensory stimulation including smoking and drinking but not for long as he realized very soon that he was going deviating from the values set by their family. He studied well and got arrears only once when he went to see a movie

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