Have you met anyone who is extremely good in communicating. They might not have been public speakers or news readers, they might have simply been good in communicating what they mean. The background for these people is that they excel in Thinking and and so are able to communicate with clarity and exactness and take the most appropriate decisions. Clarity is power and confusion is weakness. This world belongs to the energetic and the world belongs to those who do things differently and those who manage change pretty well. Extremely pleased to put forth in this month's success story Mr Vivek Venkatachalam 95 T who is the President and CEO at GE Energy, Power Conversion - India. His clarity in thinking and understanding things "as they are" with the ability to set the pace and direction, exploring various possibilities by thinking differently and providing solutions to complex business situations has got him to where he is today. Vivek has very little blind spots, has good self-awareness and tries to maintain harmony and rhythm in all what he does. He understands his strengths and doesn

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