As informed by our AUETAA President Mr S Muthu, we just started ACS. ACS will quote and likely to get projects by offering total solutions to customers as per customer requirements. We are going to register this vertical in various Govt. Defence, Railways, Big organisations & others. We are registering the AUETAA Consultants who in turn get approved by AUETAA Core Consultants (will be selected AUETAA EC Team).

ACS will engage these AUETAA Consultants for providing the total solution to all Industrial Organisations. Request the interested AUETAA members to register, give details about themself, their expertise and be a consultant/offer services by filling this link. ACS will not engage it self in selling a product. However, requesting all AUETAA members to register their product/services in this link so that their product/services can be used while executing the project businesses.Custodian of this data base is AUETAA President only.


Only AUETAA members can be part of ACS. ACS will provide solutions only through AUETAA Consultants. Request AUETAA members to pass this information to your batchmates and request them to fill the above google form and give their details.

                                         ACS will provide consultancy in these areas



Warm Regards

Chief Executive : Dr PS Kumar
Deputy Secretary : Er J Karthikeyan

Convenor : Er A Muthalagan
Deputy Secretary : Er B Amsendran

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